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Welcome to Pit Putty!

We believe that family is the most important thing we have and it’s our mission to make a positive change, empowering people to make great choices and leaving the world better than when we found it. 

Skincare should be open and transparent. We are inspired by the power of natural plants and minerals and believe in having passion for what we do, bringing it into every single product we create and every interaction we have.

We source unique and quality ingredients from around the world, crafting them with care and love into products our customers can enjoy.

We are adventures, travellers and freedom seekers and we hope to join you on your journey… 

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Natural & organic ingredients
Trust your skin to the power of nature

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Plastic free
Plastic-free means a clearer environment and conscience

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100% vegan friendly and fully plant based

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Cruelty free
We love animals. We have never tested on then and never will

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Handmade in the UK
Family owned and handmade in Nottingham, UK

It Works

It works!
And proudly loved by thousands around the world!

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