Whilst living in the heat of Australia, Pit Putty’s founders Luke and Laura were growing tired of the lack of effective, all natural deodorants on the market, so decided to take matters into their own hands. 

Armed with the knowledge about the potential dangers of SLS that can be found in most anti-perspirants, they set out on a mission to create a super effective natural deodorant, that not only smelt amazing, but actually worked.


After months of different recipes, and with each concoction undergoing rigorous “stink testing”, Pit Putty was born, aptly named by Laura using her signature Aussie charm.

With each batch being handmade in the UK, using only natural and sustainable ingredients, Pit Putty’s popularity grew and grew, and is now stocked in hundreds of stores across the UK and Europe.

After nurturing Pit Putty for many years, in 2023 Luke and Laura decided it was time to move on from Pit Putty, and head back to where it all started - Australia!

Which leads us to the next chapter in the Pit Putty story…

The same Pit Putty, just a different face!

Introducing EcoLiving, and its fantastic owner Jo Mack, who are helping keep Luke and Laura’s dream alive, of a plastic free, all natural deodorant, made right here in the UK.


In 2014, Jo Mack found herself constantly struggling to find the right eco products to help her and her family reduce their use of plastic. The alternatives either didn’t exist, or they weren’t truly plastic free, compostable or biodegradable. 

She began her company, Boobalou, where she would enlist the help of her like minded friends to create menstrual pads, disposable nappies, even reusable teabags! 

What started as a relatively small online retail operation from 1 room in her house soon grew to a cabin in her garden, then a storage unit…and then another! 

The desire for planet friendly products seemed to explode after Blue Planet, eventually meaning operations had to be moved to not one but three warehouses in Arundel, Sussex. 


ecoLiving’s most recent expansion has been to acquire its very own manufacturing site in Burgess Hill, where they are producing their own label products such as detergents and cosmetics. This also means that Pit Putty can continue to be made in the UK!

You can read all about ecoLiving by visiting their website, and take a look at their fantastic range of products to help you live a more eco conscious lifestyle.