3 Ways We Guarantee Pit Putty is Plastic Free

3 Ways We Guarantee Pit Putty is Plastic Free

When we developed the first ever Pit Putty deodorant in our kitchen, we made it for ourselves and our own personal values. Completely natural ingredients, able to hold to an intense 60-minute workout and with a constant dedication to be made as sustainably as possible, which of course included being plastic free!  

As the years have gone by, we’ve never lost sight of these values, and now more than ever it’s so important that we consider the eco credentials of all the products we use on a daily basis, including our natural deodorants and soaps.

What does a Plastic Free Deodorant mean?

Although the use of microplastics in wash off cosmetics has been banned in the UK since 2018, a recent report discovered that 9 out of 10 cosmetic products from leading brands, including deodorants, did indeed contain these harmful microplastics. (ref)

Rest assured, from the ingredients we use in the making of your product, to the packaging we send your orders in, Pit Putty is 100% plastic free. Our 100% natural deodorants and soaps contain only natural plant and mineral based ingredients, and yes that clearly excludes plastic. 

How is Pit Putty Plastic Free?

Plastic Free Ingredients

Oftentimes, when a product's manufacturing is outsourced, the company no longer has control over sourcing the ingredients or the waste produced, but at Pit Putty, we hand make all of our products in Nottingham, meaning we can keep quality control on every step of the creation of our natural deodorants and soaps.

We will only ever use the best possible quality natural and organic ingredients that have been sustainably sourced, and all of our products have been thoroughly "stink tested" on us, and never on animals.

Hand making our products also allows a significant reduction in waste product, with a focus on reduce, reuse and recycle throughout the manufacturing process.

Recyclable Product Packaging

As a plastic free business, developing suitable packaging for our natural deodorant was key. We wanted a bright, eye-catching design that would sit proudly on your bathroom shelf, but could also survive being thrown about a bit, into wash bags or travel bags.

It made complete sense for our tins to be aluminium, as it’s a robust material, widely recycled, and easily upcycled. We developed our recycled cardboard tubes with a simple push up mechanism, so no rolly balls or twisty gizmos, just a simple push and go!

The packaging for both our sticks and tins are completely recyclable, and can simply be popped into your home recycling bin when you’re finished.


Postage and Packing

We’ve all been there - you order something small online, and the box it arrives in is absolutely enormous, stuffed with polystyrene peanuts that are impossible to dispose of.

When you order your Pit Putty, regardless if you order 1 Stick, 2 Tins or a whole bundle of natural deodorants and soaps, your order will be packed in an appropriate sized cardboard box or recyclable jiffy bag.

Any tape used to seal the box is made of paper, so can be recycled with the box, and if we do need to fill any empty space, we use recycled paper.


Why Should I Switch to a Plastic Free Deodorant?

Traditional, rolly ball plastic deodorants are notoriously difficult to recycle - most use multiple types of plastic, some of which can’t be recycled. We often put items like this into our recycling bin, hoping that we’re doing the right thing, but there’s a chance it could contaminate the entire load of recycling, causing more issues down the road!

However, by switching to Pit Putty, you can save 480 plastic bottles from going to waste over your lifetime.

Our subscription service allows you to make this simple swap last all year round, with a discount on very order and with the ability to cancel at any time, what have you got to lose?

Take a look here and start your subscription today!