Just how is Pit Putty so effective - our not so secret ingredient...

Just how is Pit Putty so effective - our not so secret ingredient...

At Pit Putty, we like to be as open and transparent about our natural deodorant ingredients. We’ve even written another blog post that touches on all of the ingredients we use, their benefits and how when combined, they create the best natural deodorant that not only smells amazing, but really works!

But we thought it might be interesting to do a deep dive on one of our more unusual ingredients - arrowroot powder. 

This natural talc substitute has been used for thousands of years for both skin and in food, and you can pick up a pack yourself in any natural health stores. But why use it in natural deodorants, and what are the benefits to this magical powder? Let’s find out!

What is arrowroot powder?

Arrowroot powder is a silky white powder, made by grinding up the dried roots of the Arrowroot plant. It’s chock full of beneficial vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, irons and vitamin B6.

Archaeological studies in South America show that the arrowroot plant has been cultivated for around 7,000 years, and has a rich history of being used in natural medicines to heal wounds, calm skin irritations and support the immune system, with the term “arrowroot” originating from its use as an antidote for arrow poisoning.

Why use arrowroot powder in natural deodorants?

We first heard of arrowroot powder when one of our friends told us she used it instead of talcum powder. Our curiosity took the best of us (once again) and we explored the benefits of this powder, and how it could work in our natural deodorants.

Arrowroot powder is a natural sweat absorbent, clearly perfect for deodorants, and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive armpits. Though we still use a touch of baking powder in our natural deodorants, Arrowroot powder is really the ingredient that’s keeping you dry.

And on a product level, it’s the perfect natural ingredient to use as a thickening agent, meaning we can keep our natural deodorants completely vegan and chemical free! 

Is arrowroot powder good for my armpits?

Arrowroot powder has been shown to reduce any skin irritations, and improve skin texture, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Some of our customers are wary of switching to a natural deodorant because of the concern that it may irritate their underarms, but we’ve found our combination of arrowroot powder alongside our other ingredients actually helps soothe your underarms, and keep them looking and feeling tip top! 

What else can you use arrowroot powder for?

This nourishing plant-based powder is so gentle on all skin types, making it the perfect natural talcum powder replacement, suitable for all ages. 

You could even use it as an all natural dry shampoo! Sprinkle on your scalp and hair roots, let its natural moisture absorbing qualities work their magic, leaving your hair bouncy and soft in between washes.

Why not try using it as a face powder, setting your makeup in a natural, seamless way that will absorb any oils throughout the day.

So there you have it! This fantastic powder is one of the key ingredients that makes our natural deodorants super effective in keeping you fresh and dry all day long. Why not try for yourself and take a look at our sticks and tins, or if you just want to give it a go, we have mini’s available too!