Meet the New Owner of Pit Putty!

Meet the New Owner of Pit Putty!

After nurturing Pit Putty for many years, in 2023 Luke and Laura have decided it's time to move on from Pit Putty, and head back to where it all started - Australia!

So it's time for the next chapter in the Pit Putty story and introduce ecoLiving, and it's fantastic owner Jo Mack, who is helping keep Luke and Laura’s dream alive, of a plastic free, all natural deodorant, made right here in the UK.

Introducing Jo Mack

In 2014, Jo Mack found herself constantly struggling to find the right eco products to help her and her family reduce their use of plastic. The alternatives either didn’t exist, or they weren’t truly plastic free, compostable or biodegradable. 

She began her company, Boobalou, where she would enlist the help of her like minded friends to create menstrual pads, disposable nappies, even reusable tea bags! 

What started as a relatively small online retail operation from 1 room in her house soon grew to a cabin in her garden, then a storage unit…and then another! 

The desire for planet friendly products seemed to explode after Blue Planet, eventually meaning operations had to be moved to not one but three warehouses in Arundel, Sussex.

Introducing ecoLiving!

Boobalou soon blossomed into ecoLiving, who sell and manufacture their own brand products, as well as selling other fantastic eco brands such as Neon Kactus, Neat and StripWash.

ecoLiving are a small but mighty team, who share the same family led values that Pit Putty was built on. The warehouse team is female run, and totally plastic free, and their friendly customer service team are already on hand for any order or product queries you may have.

ecoLiving is also a carbon neutral company, who is partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project and a member of the 1% For the Planet organisation.

So, what does this mean for Pit Putty?

Rest assured, ecoLiving is dedicated to making a super effective natural deodorant that really works. The formula for Pit Putty deodorant won't be changing, so you can guarantee the same product as you’ve always known and loved.

Pit Putty will continue to be made in the UK, just in a different location, thanks to ecoLivings manufacturing site in Burgess Hill, where they also make their own brand products. 

We have also reduced the price of our award winning natural deodorant to make it more accessible to anyone who wants to make the switch. 

There you have it!

So apart from a new team and location, nothing much else has changed at Pit Putty! 

If you have any questions, you can get in touch as, and we’re very much looking forward to continuing our mission to create an all natural, plastic free, vegan, super effective natural deodorant that really works!