Love at first swipe - your guide to Pit Putty’s scents!

Love at first swipe - your guide to Pit Putty’s scents!

As someone who sweats a lot, my number one concern, after my fringe sticking to my forehead, is whether I stink. Trying to sneak a sniff of your armpits in public isn’t very glamorous or discreet, so it’s nice to know with the stunning scents of Pit Putty, I’m 100% confident I smell fresh all day long.

All of Pit Putty’s products contain natural and organic ingredients, meaning no nasties near my underarms, and I can be confident I’m smelling gorgeous thanks to the 100% plant based oils used to create the scents.

But it can be tough to decide which of the stunning scents you like best, so let's explore what ingredients are used and how these oils can benefit you.

Which Scents will Suit Me?

We often get asked “which deodorant smells best?” but it’s honestly a personal preference! I adore the Lavender Lemon, but my partner prefers Lime Basil (which I will still sneak a swipe of to mix it up…)

To help you choose, take a look at our handy guide below! Find your fragrance, then see which specially selected plant oils we’ve combined to create the gorgeous scent.

Lemongrass Tea Tree

There’s no better way to start your day than with a scrub of our Lemongrass Soap and a swipe of natural deodorant.

With tea tree and lemongrass both known for their anti-inflammatory properties, you can refresh and energise your skin, making this zesty scent perfect for socialising or partying, or whenever you’re feeling fun!

Lavender Lemon

You may see the world lavender and think you’ll smell like your nan, but I can assure you, you’ll wish your nan smelled this good. This scent is the perfect combination for those who are always on the go, yet love to unwind and relax.

Research shows that lavender oils can be used to treat anxiety and stress, contrasted perfectly with lemon oil which is shown to invigorate and rejuvenate - it’s the perfect balance for those of us who love rest and play!

You can easily incorporate Lavender into your daily routine by using our Lavender Soapy Suds in your morning shower, finished off with a smear of your Pit Putty deodorant, for a tranquil yet energising start to your day!

Rose Geranium

There’s no denying it, this scent is blooming wonderful - feel yourself fall into a gorgeous flower bed with this infatuating floral fragrance. 

Another calming scent, Rose Geranium oils are known to enhance relaxation and are also reputed to have antimicrobial, antifungal AND antiviral properties - perfect for natural deodorants!

Cinnamon Cedarwood

Throw back the curtains, breathe in the woodland and slap on some Cinnamon Cedarwood! 

Cinnamon bark oil is a sweet and spicy scent, and a well known mood enhancer, that when combined with the smoky fragrance of Cedarwood, creates a smooth, earthy scent combination. 

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and you’ll be transported to stunning woodlands - this deodorant smells like the perfect forest retreat!

Lime Basil

Bring on the summer time with this super zesty, fun and fresh scent. With invigorating lime oil, which is jam packed with antioxidants, and basil oil, which is a member of the mint family (who knew!), slather this on in the morning and you’re in for the freshest of days.

Scented with 100% Plant Oils

Essential oils are a safe and ecofriendly way of scenting our natural deodorants, and we only use organic, sustainable plant oils, rather than perfumes.

It’s worth noting that our Rose Geranium, Lavender Lemon and Lemongrass Tea Tree deodorants contain essential oils that are perfectly safe to be used throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, and of course our Fragrance Free natural deodorant doesn’t contain any essential oils at all!

All of our fragrances are derived from 100% plant based oils, which means you’re getting not only the full benefits of the oils themselves, but you’re going to smell gorgeous all day long.

Can’t decide what to pick? Grab a mini! They’re the perfect size for experimenting with our scents.