Fresh all day, the Pit Putty way!

Fresh all day, the Pit Putty way!

We often get asked when customers are considering switching to a natural deodorant, when is the best time to apply it, and just how effective it is in keeping you fresh throughout the day.

So we thought it would be handy to take a look at how you can incorporate Pit Putty into your daily routine, and how our natural deodorant works with your body to keep you fresh all day long! 

Should you wear deodorant every day?

Yes! Pit Putty natural deodorant sticks and tins are made to last between 2-4 months, so can be used every day, and is most effective when applied in the morning after a shower.

Our combination of super sweat absorbing ingredients, like arrowroot powder and a touch of baking powder, and beautifully scented plant based oils work together to ensure you not only stay dry, but smell amazing throughout the day.

When using our tins, a bean sized amount for each armpit usually does the trick, and around 3 swipes of our stick deodorant will keep you feeling fresh. 

If you do sweat a lot, or it’s a particularly scorching day, you might feel more confident to re-apply during the day. This isn’t always the case, but as with most natural products, it’s completely your personal preference! 

You can always carry one of our Mini Sticks or Tins in your pocket or handbag if you feel like you do need a top up.

When is the best time to apply deodorant?

There’s a bit of conflicting advice about this one, with a lot of deodorant brands suggesting it’s better to apply deodorant at night, rather than in the morning.

However we find our natural deodorant is most effective when we apply it in the morning, after a shower. Make sure your pits are completely dry first, then swipe your deo and enjoy all day freshness. 

You can of course apply Pit Putty at night too, especially on particularly hot days, but we just found it’s more effective at keeping you fresh and dry when applied in the morning.

Your Pit Putty Routine!


Start your day with an invigorating shower by using our Lemongrass Tea Tree Soap bars. Lemongrass is known to refresh your skin, so is perfect for your morning shower.

Then, once you’re nice and dry, it’s time to apply our Lemongrass Tea Tree natural deodorant stick or tin! Layering our two lemongrass products in this way ensures you’re smelling fantastic and feeling energised all day long! 


On a particularly hot day, if you’re rushed off your feet, you might feel more confident with a little top up of deodorant. Our Mini’s are the perfect size to pop in your handbag or pocket, or even keep in a drawer in the office. Available in all of our scents, you could even mix it up and try a few fragrances! 


Some of us are night time showerers, so it’s best to unwind with the relaxing scent of our Lavender Soap Bar. Continue the tranquillity with a swipe of our Lavender Lemon natural deodorant balm, and rest easy knowing you smell amazing. 

You can take a look at the ingredients we use in our natural deodorants, that help keep you fresh all day long, right here, and you can always pick up a sample, which will give you week long freshness - the perfect length of time to discover if Pit Putty is right for you!