5 Reasons to try a natural deodorant when you're working from home

5 Reasons to try a natural deodorant when you're working from home
Let’s make a list of all the things we mastered during lockdown, shall we? The perfect loaf of banana bread, getting out front in time to clap for the NHS, figuring out Zoom, gardening (our gardens could rival Kew’s!) and using our toilet paper sparingly. It was tough, but we figured it out. We also figured out how to clean our own homes, how to educate our own kids without losing our minds (most days) and how to work from home effectively. Perhaps most importantly, we mastered the classic business-up-top, birthday-suit-below Zoom meeting look.

Just like our standard meeting attire, our day-to-day lives are changing. Routines are being altered, our priorities are shifting and you’re being offered a choice; you can fight these changes and try to hold onto old ways of thinking, or you can adapt and change and move with it all.

Why should you try natural deodorant?

We’re encouraging you to move with the times, and you can get started today simply by buying better. Natural deodorant IS better, because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It’s that simple.

If that point alone doesn’t convince you then here are more 5 more reasons you should try natural deodorant, in general, but especially now that you’re working from home…

1. Explore something new, risk free!

If you’ve been listening to the naysayers and you’re sceptical, you have no reason to be, we promise, but if you are that’s okay. We’re very ready to feed those party poopers a big slice of humble pie and prove them wrong! This is the perfect time to confound your mates by giving our *magical under-arm-charm a try without the risk of awkward glances and sly comments.

Spoiler it’s not actually magic – it’s science!

Artificial deodorants are largely aluminium based and these stop you from sweating by blocking your sweat glands with aluminium chloride and aluminium chloralhydrate. Contrary to popular belief, sweating is actually good for you (stick with me here); sweating is our body’s own, very clever way to regulate our temperature. In short, we need to sweat. Natural deodorant allows you to sweat, naturally, and works by creating delightful, odourless sweat. You can read more about the science behind it all here.

2. ‘Tis the year of simple pleasures & prioritising your health

Maybe your holiday to Ibiza was cancelled, maybe you can’t enjoy a spa day with your girlfriends or that big meal you planned with your family. But life isn’t just about the big moments; it’s about seeking out simple pleasures, creating new, healthy habits and better aligning yourself with practices and products that put your health and that of your family first. For example, oh I don’t know, adding a natural deodorant to your morning routine?

3. Go natural

2020 has been the year a lot of us have finally seen just how big the human footprint truly is! When we hit record low levels of CO2 emissions back in April we were delighted to see the positive effect this had on the natural world. It quickly became clear that we need to do better by our planet and we NEED to move toward a more natural way of living.

4. Eco-conscious consumerism is trending

Thanks to 2020 we all, as the kids say, were WOKE! Now buying better is not only the right to do, it’s also trending. We’re pretty thrilled that, these days, if you want to be in with the cool crew you have to make better choices and be more aware of the impact of your spending habits. According to the Environmental Journal the UK is the 15th most eco-conscious consumer country in the world and we want that number one spot.
N.B. Remember to boast about it on social media too! After all, if it’s not on Instagram did it even happen?!

5. Stay home, stay safe

Covid coodies are still well and truly with us. So stay home, stay safe, and let your natural deodorant come to you! Pit Putty delivers to your door and shipping is FREE on orders over £25!

Lockdown may largely be over but working from home is here to stay, so best you get comfortable with the aforementioned Zoom meeting look because you’re going to be rocking it for quite some time to come! Healthy choices must stay too, so it is our very humble opinion (and that of doctors and scientists all around the world) that you begin to prioritise your health. You can start today, by making natural deodorant a part of your daily routine.

Give us a try today; shop the full Pit Putty range here. We kindly request all customers wear pants upon delivery.